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What is Podcrash Client?

Podcrash Client is a launcher for the most popular versions of Minecraft. We keep Podcrash Client up to date with the latest Minecraft versions and any security patches and latest features.

Can I use Podcrash Client on any server?

Podcrash Client is compatible with any vanilla Minecraft server. As long as the version you are playing on is supported by the server then you should always be allowed to connect!

Is Podcrash Client free to use?

In short, yes! Podcrash Client is free to use, and we don’t limit your use of our client in any way. You can support Podcrash Client and its development by purchasing cosmetics in the store, these are entirely cosmetic and do not offer any in-game benefit, but it allows you to show off to your friends and look cool!

What are the keybinds?

J: Customize the Podcrash+ GUI to your liking.

H: Access all of the features that Podcrash+ has to offer, such as FPS Boost

The installer won't launch!

Run this program (Jarfix) to ensure that .jar files are being run correctly by your PC.

Can I use a cracked version of Minecraft?

No. If you want to play Minecraft, and if you want to play with Podcrash Client you have to buy the game at Minecraft.net. We do not support illegal versions of the game.

Is Podcrash Client compatible with Labymod?

No. Labymod is incompatible due to the nature of both Podcrash Client and Labymod.

Is Podcrash Client compatible with Forge?

Yes. Forge can be toggled in the settings tab of your Podcrash Client launcher.

Experiencing a problem?

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